There is nothing more important than ones smile, it is the essence of self image and personal…power. Cost should not be the issue, only results. One will never find better than with Dr. Hartley; the man is a techical genious and a true artist! I actually feel honored that I had the good fortune to locate him. The 4 hour investment of travel time EACH trip to complete the process was minor compared to the amazing transforamtion he made in my smile. As somewhat of a public figure and having done my research VERY well prior to making the decision to move forward, I would say, “Wise is he who learns from experience, however twice as wise is he who learns from another’s”. My experience was to deal with a professional organization, having no discomfortant nor inconvenience and to leave with not one regret for the cost. How often does one have the opportunity share a totally positve transaction with only the highest of praise? Rarely… and why? Because Dr. Hartley is… a rare find.
Reed Robins
Much love to Dr. Hartley and his awesome staff. Going into this I wondered if I could ever really have a perfect smile. Not only did they explain everything up front, they also treated me in a way that calmed my concerns. This has truly been a confidence boost, and a defining moment in my life.
Kendall Hunter, Running Back for San Francisco 49ers
I went to a couple cosmetic dentists in the area and none of them made me feel as welcome aas Dr. Hartley and his staff. He really paid attention to what I wanted and then did a phenomenal job to give me exactly what I had envisioned. Dr. Hartley’s staff was also outstanding into getting me everything I needed as well as accomidating for me schedule. I will never go anywhere else for any type of dentistry. Even if i’m paying more, it’s worth the service.
David Apple
Dr. Hartley is an amazing artist! Within just four visits, he gave me an amazing smile I imagined never having within such a short period of time! My veneers will definitely shine in my wedding photos this June and I cannot wait to keep smiling for each pose! It’s no wonder why his web site was the first to show when I was searching “porcelain veneers” on Yahoo–he’s clearly the best and I’m glad I made the call to consult with him. His office staff are amazing and always made sure you were comfortable and had everything you needed! I would highly recommend Dr. Hartley to anyone out there wanting to get their Hollywood smile just like I did!
MaryRose Fernandez
I absolutely loved my experience at Dr. Hartleys office. I have always hated dentists, but after meeting Dr. Hartley and his staff my opinion has drastically changed. I got my top ten teeth done with veneers and I can’t express how happy I am with the experience of getting them and how they look. I love that no one can tell that they are fake and when I show them the before and after pictures they are floored. I was always ashamed of my teeth. I had braces and everything done when I was younger to prevent my teeth from being bad. My last dentist that I had actually laughed at me because of how bad my teeth were. I had never felt more low in my life. I had cried many times because of how my teeth were. The day I talked to Dr. Hartley’s staff I felt better already and I hadn’t even met them! I drive and hour and a half each way to see them and it is so worth it. They asked constantly how I was doing and if I needed anything. The heated chair was great! I can’t stand the sound of drills so I listened to my ipod the whole time. Anytime I needed anything for pain it was given to me right away. I was never in pain during the procedure. At first I thought that this procedure was expensive but after seeing the end result it is worth every cent!
Ashley Dowling
I could not have asked for a positive and professional experience! At 43 I decided to have my teeth straightened using braces. When the braces were removed I still had not achieved the beautiful teeth and smile I was hoping for. One visit to Dr. Hartley and his professional staff put me at ease and convinced me whole-heartedly that veneers were the answer I was looking for. My smile is outstanding. Rarely a day goes by that I do not receive a compliment! One of the very best decisions I’ve ever made was to put myself in the trustworthy and capable hands of Dr. Hartley and his staff. When I was wearing my temporary veneers I cracked one – and that’s not easy to do! Dr. Hartley came into the office on a Saturday and repaired it. He was upbeat and so nice about the emergency visit, I really was stunned. Another great things about the office is that his assistant has been with him 23 years and most of the staff has been there very long term. That says a LOT about Dr. Hartley and the way he treats his staff and patients. Thanks Angie and Dr. Hartley – I wish I had done this 10 years ago!
Christine Evans
I would Have to say that Dr. Hartley has the best set of dental skills i have seen. His motivation and drive to create that perfect smile is remarkable. He has been in the business for over 22 years and knows a great deal on how to create a perfect smile. I just left his office with completing a full set of Veneers, and i would have to say, “Watch out Brad Pitt”, I’m looking pretty darn good with a full set of White Straight teeth.
Tony Mersho
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