“Because I am on camera everyday, my smile is so important. Dr. Hartley and his wonderful staff has made it beautiful, white and healthy. And the best part – no pain and no anxiety. Going to Dr. Hartley was a pleasant experience. Did you ever think you would hear that about going to a dentist? I would recommend Dr. Hartley to anyone.
Lisa Guerrero, TV Journalist for Inside Edition
I have never liked the look of my teeth. The spaces between my teeth have always bothered me. I found Dr. Hartley while doing research on the internet and went to him to find out what my options were. He gave me new porcelain veneers and closed the spaces between my teeth. Now, I feel more confident about my smile.
Anthony B., Student
The quality of Dr. Bruce Hartley’s work is outstanding!
My teeth and my smile have never looked better.
I would recommend Dr. Hartley for people needing cosmetic dentistry.
Caren C., Homemaker
Dr Hartley and his staff show a true concern for patients; they are all caring, efficient and professional. I have received so many compliments from family and friends. My self confidence has been lifted because of my new smile. Thank you for all the kindness you and your staff have shown me.
Jenny F., Marketing Manager
Dr. Hartley promised me he would give me a million dollar smile and the results are fabulous! Dr. Hartley is much more than a dentist – he is a brilliant cosmetic artist. He has created a first-class team in a high end spa-like environment. If you are looking for the best Hollywood smile, I highly recommend Dr. Hartley. Thank you for my beautiful smile.
Michelle Rose, Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley Operating Board Member
Thank you, Dr. Hartley and staff for making my cosmetic dentistry experience outstanding. Before visiting Dr. Hartley, I was self conscious of my teeth and hardly smiled at new people or in pictures. Now I have a brilliant smile and my self confidence has been boosted! I would recommend the Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr. Hartley to anyone.
Mike S., Business Owner
My experience with Dr. Hartley and his amazing staff changed my life!!! I love my new smile and all the wonderful compliments I have received. Dr. Hartley is warm, friendly, sympathetic, sincere, and a complete professional. His work (or should I say Art) is the best of the best. Well worth every penny. He made sure I was pain-free and comfortable through each and every procedure in addition to always checking in with me about any concerns or questions that I may have. He is a complete perfectionist and in his line of work that is a good thing. He made sure that I was completely happy my new teeth.
Halee Z., Stay at home mom
When I searching for a Cosmetic Dentist, I had plenty of recommendations for Dentists in and around San Francisco. But then I saw Dr. Hartley’s website with the before and after pictures and I was amazed… My only concern going into the procedure was that my extremely high expectations wouldn’t be met! I need not have worried. The results are stunning and I haven’t stopped smiling since. So when you’re looking for the very best cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, go to Dr. Hartley in Los Altos!
Olga H., Realtor
I came Dr. Hartley’s office after doing extensive research online. I had old crowns on my front teeth, old amalgam fillings on my molars that have been worn down. I was also never comfortable with my smile. I’ve always had a dental phobia since childhood and have avoided seeing a dentist… Dr. Hartley listened to all my concerns and issues. He presented different options and reviewed them with me. I ended up doing a full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Hartley and I am very happy with the results. It was the best decision I ever made.
Dan A., Engineer
All I can say is I have not stopped smiling. Truly! And the best thing is these veneers look like and feel like they belong to me. The whole procedure included restructuring, filling gaps, repositioning teeth,and improving my bite. And Dr. Hartley besides practicing superiority in cosmetic dentistry is exceptionally kind, courteous, and caring towards his patients. In summary Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry makes us smile.
Joycelyn C.
For many years I was self conscious about my smile. My front teeth were dark and had old caps & fillings which kept me from smiling. As the owner and executive chef of a restaurant, I felt the need to improve my smile & renew my self-confidence. The results are fantastic and I love my new teeth. Not a single day passes without me receiving compliments about my beautiful smile.
Tammy H., Executive (Chef/Restaurateur)
Thank you very much for not only a new smile, but one that finally reflects the sheer happiness I feel inside. I am genuinely grateful and can not tell you how this alteration to my physical appearance has dramatically improved my confidence and general self-esteem.
Ann Marie M., Newspaper Editor